Rules and Regulations


1.1. “Cinema with the soul” Documentary Film Festival is organised by Fundacja Areopag XXI in colaboration with the National Centre for Culture and the Centre for the Thought of John Paul II in Warsaw.

1.2. The event’s objective is to screen the most interesting documentary films which are historically, psychologically socially themed, religion and pro-family oriented, reflecting the importance of Christian values in the shaping of Polish culture, and to mobilize the documentary film popularization initiative in the urban society.

1.3. The seventh edition of “Cinema with the soul” Documentary Film Festival will take place on 22nd -26th of October 2019 in Kinoteka, pl. Defilad 1, Warsaw.

1.4. There is no entrance fee.

1.5. The number of free tickets for screenings is limited.


2.1. There is no admission fee. In order for the film to be admitted, fill in the application form and send it with the inclusion of the copy of the film before 9th of September 2019 to:

Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna
skwer kard. S. Wyszyńskiego 9
01-015 Warszawa
add: “Kino z duszą”

2.2. The application form is available on the website Automatically generated document must be printed out and signed personally by the owner of the rights to the admitted film.

2.3. Applicants held full responsibility for trueness of the information stated in the application form. Film addmission is the declaration of owning unlimited author’s economic and moral rights to the film, and of resposibility for disobeying those.

2.4. The organizers of the Festival reserve the right to refuse participation in the Festival to a film with respect to which the applicant failed to meet the date or any application requirements. The application date is the day which the festival copy of the film and filled in and signed application form is sent.

2.5. The organizers of the Festival will not give the media with the festival copy of the film back (with an exception of DCP). All submitted materials and films become a part of the Festival’s archive.


3.1. “Cinema with the soul” Documentary Film Festival presents films distributed for cinemas or television broadcast.

3.2. Only those documentary films and documentary and feature films can be submitted:

produced between 2017-2019,
– produced in Poland or outsider of Poland,
not longer than 120 mins.

3.3. Films of foreign language must be provided with polish version – subtitles or a voice-over.

3.4. The submitted film must be delivered as DVD, BLURAY or DCP. Submission has to contain clear description: names of creators, title and duration time. In case of DCP or BLURAY it is necessary to provide a copy in the form of DVD disc or MP4, MOV, MKV file or a hyperlink.

3.5. Films that in previous years failed to qualify to Festival screenings or films shown outside of the competition (e.g. premieres, special screenings) are allowed for submition.


4.1. The selection within submitted films for the Main Competition of the Festival is made by Selection Comission led by Festival’s Director. There is no right of appeal.

4.2. The Selection Comission, while selecting films, employs following critieria:

– artistic value,
– originality of form or theme,
personal character of artistic expression,
skillful combination of form and theme.

4.3. The list of films qualified for participation will be published on the Festival’s website until 30th of September 2019 as well as notification of decision made by Selection Comission to candidates.

4.4. Films qualified to projection will be shared to festival organizers for free emission in agreed term and place.


5.1. Projections will be held in previously established term and place. Exact schedule will be available no later than 14 days before starting the event.

5.2. Films qualified to projection will be emitted in thematic blocks. Discussion panels and the final gala will be separate festival events.

5.3. Projection schedule can be changed due to the unpredictable causes. Festival Organizers inform about the projections’ schedule via announcer.

5.4. Among all of the movies participated in the festival contest “Cinema with the soul” the jury will choose laureate of The Main Prize “Cinema with the soul” and winners in three categories:

“Cinema with the soul” Festival Prize for the movie about social issues
“Cinema with the soul” Festival Prize for the movie about religious issues
“Cinema with the soul” Festival Prize for the movie about historical issues

5.5. The jury has a right to give additional Festival Jury Prize and also other extra Prizes and Distinctions.

5.6. The Director of Festival has a right to award additional Prize of the Festival’s Director and also other extra Prizes and Distinctions.

5.7. The jury team of Festival in Documentaries “Cinema with the soul” consists:

prof. Andrzej Musiał – chairman,
prof. Maciej Drygas,
Bartek Pulcyn,
Grażyna Raszkowska,
dr Ewa K. Czaczkowska.

5.7. Laureates of Prizes and Distinctions in Festival of Documentaries “Cinema with the soul”will be announced during a solemn Final Gala crowning the last day of Festival.


6.1. The Organizers of the Festival assume the possibility of distributing selected awarded films during the Festival retrospective on terms agreed with the owners of the rights to the films. These films will be shown during the retrospective of the Festival in the country and abroad.


7.1. The copyright of the film submitted to the Festival may not be limited in any way or may infringe the copyrights and personal rights of third parties. In the event of non-fulfillment of this condition, the Applicant must enclose to the application form a written statement specifying the legal situation of the film.

7.2. The organizers act in good faith and are not liable for concealing any information regarding the legal situation of the film submitted to participate in the Festival. In such a case, all consequences and costs of legal services resulting from possible claims for infringement of third party rights are transferred exclusively to the Applicant.

7.3. The Organizers do not take accountability for delivering fake information or third parties information via Applicants. Delivering false information results in cancellation of a right for the prize.

7.4. In the event of a third party making claims against the Organizers for infringement of copyrights or personal rights of third parties related to the use of the materials received, the Applicant will pay the costs and pay compensation related to claims of such persons.


8.1. Personal data shared by the application form is handled by Fundacja Areopag XXI, Szafirowa 14, 05-077 Warszawa, KRS: 0000366543, NIP: 9512328375, REGON: 142650239.

8.2. Data protection is carried out in accordance with the requirements of generally applicable laws and their storage takes place on secured servers.

8.3. Delivered data is treated as confidential and visible only for those who are authorized.

8.4. Details regarding the protection of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy, available at:

Rules and Regulations

These Regulations of the Festival contain detailed information about the Festival organized in October 2019.